Patti Edgar’s writing can be found in books, newspapers, magazines and online. She teaches in Mount Royal University’s journalism program. Anna Analyst, a debut novel for middle grade readers, will be published by Yellow Dog this spring.

“Bossy, inventive Anna is authentic and endearing. Her dilemmas and struggles—especially when her creative solutions breed new problems—are convincing, at once familiar and fresh…A droll, deftly executed debut.”

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Other Publications:

An essay appears in the anthology Waiting (University of Alberta Press, 2018). Grain Magazine published a short story called ‘Stolen’ in issue 42.3. ‘Life and Good Fortune’ was a finalist for the 2017 carte blanche/CNFC Creative Non-Fiction Prize. ‘Personal Flotation Devices’ won the Calgary Foundation’s 2016 Brenda Strathern Writing Prize. features a collection of journalism on topics ranging from debt, gardening, politics, and flooding. A cross-platform project she helped create won an Alberta Film and Television Award. She’s also written hundreds of articles for newspapers such as The National Post, The Ottawa Citizen, The Winnipeg Free Press and The Vancouver Sun. 


Ms. Edgar holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. She currently teaches at Mount Royal University and the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society. She previously mentored new writers through UBC’s Booming Ground program.

Mount Royal University students have won several awards for projects created in her classroom, including the Canadian Association of Journalists Student Award of Excellence (2018 and 2017), the MRU Faculty of Business and Communications Student Research Days Award (2019), and the Emerge Media Award for Multimedia Production (2018). She enjoys judging Alberta’s magazine awards and the International Regional Magazine Awards.

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Anna Analyst

Anna Analyst

Middle Grade Novel

On the last day of elementary school, eleven-year-old Anna finds a leather-bound book about handwriting analysis. Anna could use help deciphering people.
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An Anthology of Essays

The verb esperar means to wait. It also means to hope. This collection of thirty-two personal essays is as much about hope as it is about waiting.

Classroom Visits

Classroom Visits

Available in 2021

Ms. Edgar is an experienced teacher and guest speaker who brings creative digital storytelling into the classroom. She's worked with kids, teens and young adults.

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